Service Offerings - One Number to Call. One bill. Unlimited Support.

Whether you're looking for a fixed monthly cost or the flexibility of pay-as-you-go, we have you covered.

NeuManaged: One Number to Call. One fixed cost. Unlimited Support.

NeuManaged, our flagship product, includes unlimited technical support for all of your computers, as well as the software and hardware required to minimize disruption to your infrastructure, all bundled in one fixed predictable monthly bill. We include a state-of-the-art network firewall, anti-virus software, anti-junk mail capabilities, and updating of all your computers so that you always know you're protected from the unexpected. In addition, we monitor for security threats and hardware failures on a 24x7x365 basis for both your network and servers so that your business is less likely to be impacted by failures. If critical failures do occur, we will begin working immediately to get your business back up and running.

This offering is for companies that realize the significant contribution technology makes to an organization and wish to minimize the substantial costs associated with infrastructure downtime.


Server Support Reinvented.

Our view of server support is proactive, not reactive. Most other IT providers only support your server when there is something noticeably wrong; when it stops responding, fails due to hardware problems, or ceases running an application your business depends on. Not being satisfied with delivering support in this manner, Neutrino incorporates a more proactive stance on server support into both of it's service offering.

We provide hardware monitoring for your server to try and catch hardware failures before they impact your business, security patching to make sure your operations are protected from prying eyes, and performance optimization so that your server investment is operating at peak efficiency delivering a better computing experience for your employees all included at no-charge. Every member of our server team is thoroughly trained in all aspects of effective server management backed by years of direct hands-on experience designing, implementing, and maintaining server solutions.

Don't rely on firms which only promise to fix your server when it breaks, rely on a firm which views your server-based functions as an indispensable part of your business operations and continually goes the extra mile to monitor, protect, and assure limited downtime. For at Neutrino, our view of server support is proactive, not reactive.

Your Network Reinforced.

Your network is your backbone. Fortify it. Did you know that if your network goes down, your computers go down causing your business to grind to a halt? No email, no Internet, no filesharing, and no server access. While most businesses understand the value of insuring that their servers are continually up and running, very few understand the value of protecting their network.

When we first begin working with you, we'll examine your network to make sure that it is up-to-the-task and is able to adequately support your business demands now and in the foreseeable future. We have a wealth of knowledge in proper network management and have worked intimately with virtually all major-brand network appliance manufacturers so rest assured that no matter which network device your business relies on, we have you covered. And if you subscribe to NeuManaged, our premier service offering, we will make sure you get off on the right foot by installing a state-of-the-art ultra-reliable network device which facilitates remote network access for your users: all included at no charge..

Making sure your network, the backbone of your computer infrastructure, is always tuned, protected, and running—that is how Neutrino helps protect your business. Your network is your backbone—fortify it..

Backup Done Right.

Protect all of your information. All the time. Every NeuManaged client receives (free of charge) a complete backup solution that eliminates virtually all of the shortcomings of existing backup technologies. The entire contents of your server is backed-up multiple times a day to the Neutrino Backup Appliance automatically, without requiring any of your employees to waste time changing tapes. Should your server experience hardware failure and require replacement parts, the Neutrino Backup Appliance can temporarily act as your server, replicating all of the functions of your server until replacement parts arrive. It is equivalent to purchasing a spare machine for each of your servers, but without the capital expense. Can your current backup solution do that?

For those firms which demand additional protection, the Neutrino Backup Appliance can be configured to backup all of your data to multiple secure offsite facilities, thereby protecting your data from physical disasters such as office fires and sprinkler damage. This is all done automatically, without any intervention required on your part. We believe backup solutions should not only protect all of your information, but it should also protect your business functions.

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