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Whether you're looking for a fixed monthly cost or the flexibility of pay-as-you-go, we have you covered.

NeuActive: Pay-As-You-Go. Redefined.

NeuActive is a more traditional "pay-as-you-go" approach, which features several of the benefits of our flagship product, NeuManaged, at a lower price point. Clients who choose NeuActive agree to a modest number of hours per month in order to secure a reduced rate. And, of course, you are free to roll-over your hours from one month to the next so that you're never stuck with excess hours at the end of the month.

NeuActive coverage includes monitoring of your servers to help catch hardware issues and repair them before they become a serious problem, assuring that your servers are always protected from security threats, and conducting performance evaluations to make sure your servers are continually humming-along. As you can see, NeuActive covers more than just fixing your computers when they break. It helps to make sure your infrastructure breaks less often, which translates to less downtime, less headache, and fewer hours of support required each month.

Demand more from your "pay-as-you-go" provider. Demand NeuActive.


Backup Done Right.

Protect all of your information. All the time. Every NeuActive client receives (free of charge) a complete backup solution that eliminates virtually all of the shortcomings of existing backup technologies. The entire contents of your server is backed-up multiple times a day to the Neutrino Backup Appliance automatically, without requiring any of your employees to waste time changing tapes. Should your server experience hardware failure and require replacement parts, the Neutrino Backup Appliance can temporarily act as your server, replicating all of the functions of your server until replacement parts arrive. It is equivalent to purchasing a spare machine for each of your servers, but without the capital expense. Can your current backup solution do that?

For those firms which demand additional protection, the Neutrino Backup Appliance can be configured to backup all of your data to multiple secure offsite facilities, thereby protecting your data from physical disasters such as office fires and sprinkler damage. This is all done automatically, without any intervention required on your part. We believe backup solutions should not only protect all of your information, but it should also protect your business functions.

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